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I want to start with my testimony.  At the age of 2 my father abandoned me, my siblings, and my mother for another women.  I grew up hating my mother and I did not know why.  Everyday I wished my Mother would die.  I thought it was strange for me to hate someone  so much  and I couldn’t understand where all that hate came from.  I started to smoke at the age of 12 and drink hard liquor at 14.  I would drink bottle after bottle and smoke anything and everything I could to numb the pain I felt in my heart.

At age 16 I got into a mean street gang from the streets of East Los Angeles and that’s when all hell broke loose!  I started taking barbiturates (pills) and having blackouts and memory loss.  One day a girl offered me PCP (elephant tranquilizer) to smoke.  I became addicted to PCP and I loved it because I didn’t feel the pain that tortured me day and night.  Everyday I was high, everyday I would cry, and everyday I wanted to die!!  I would walk the streets alone at night looking like a zombie.  I did everything there was to do in the gang life.  A year of misery passed and a friend invited me to a christian church.  The day I went I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ only to turn my back on Him.  The next 3 years I was in and out of church.  When I was in church I would mock and rebel what the pastor would preach.  The time I was at my worst point in life my mother turned to Christ for my salvation and she learned how to PRAY.  My mother asked all her close friends to pray for her daughter Barbara (me) that was lost beyond human reach.  My mother knew it was going to take a miracle to save me.

I know my mother’s prayers kept me alive.  Many times I came close to death living in the fast lane of life.  I got bullets shot at me, overdosed on drugs, drove blowed out of my mind, got stabbed by men who were gang members, and a hacket lunged at me by a man gang member that missed me by inches.  During all this I had detectives investigating me for a hit and run that I was being accused of doing (4 eye witnesses said I did it).  During those three horrible years of being in and out of church I never learned to pray.  My mother’s prayers and the many people she had praying for me provided a hedge of protection around me and paved a way for my salvation.  Do you see teens that come in and out of church and you say they are a hopeless case?  You look at them with disgust because they can’t get it right and just keep getting worse.  They come in with a new tattoo or a deep lost look in their eyes and you say to yourself that person will never get it together, well that was me.  Every other word out of my mouth was a curse word.  It was the prayers of my mother and the love she had  for her lost daughter that God look upon and said, “I’ve heard your prayers and help is on the way!”

The day I surrendered my life completely to God started off  like any other day.  I was driving home from work smoking a joint of PCP which I did everyday for the pass 2 years.  I started to go insane the demons that had me bound for so long were taking over.  When I got home I was in a frenzy screaming and shouting from the top of my lungs.  Someone pleases help me!!! At that very moment a friend I hadn’t seen for a while knocks on my door yelling, “Barbara Jesus Loves you!”  I cried out to her, “Please get the monkeys off my back!”  She took me to a man who prayed with me for hours he said, I had split personalities (demons) different voices coming out from me.  All I wanted to do was die!  I thought death was my only solution.  Then it happened, I was set free from the powers of darkness!

Prayer changed my life!  From that day forth I knew a prayer life and God’s Word was going to keep me serving the Lord.

So that is when my quest to learn how to pray started.  The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and so that was my prayer. I would cry from the depths of my being teach me to pray Lord in spirit and in truth!

When Jesus prayed he did a couple of things that will help you and I to pray.  The first thing was he separated himself to be alone in prayer (Mat. 14:23 NIV).  Second he got up early to pray in the dark before the hustle and bustle of life and early in the morning before the sun came up (Mk 1:35 NIV).  Third at times he prayed all night (Lk 6:12-13).   Lastly for today he prayed often (Lk. 5:16 NIV).

Let us start our journey by applying these principles into our prayer life today.  Even if we start off with just one.

I want to leave you with a big request to all my readers please leave me your prayer request on the comment thread so that we as women of “T.R.A.I.L. intercessor can pray with you.  Please leave your praise reports of what God is doing in your life through prayer.  This will encourage others to have hope and join us to pray.  One more thing if you have any questions for me leave them there as well.

God Bless and hope to hear from every one of you soon.  Untill next Monday may the Lord keep you safe and secure in HIM.

Next week’s title “The Lord’s Prayer,” don’t miss it.

Mrs. Barbara Casas