We need to pray for God’s kingdom to come.  That means we have to let God’s will be done.  We must let Him rule everything we do.  When we are obedient to his “will” we will experience Heaven on earth.

Our prayer is that earth can be more like Heaven and that will come by us living in His will and that we become more like Jesus in our devotion and obedience.

What about when His will is too difficult to obey?  When God decides to do the total opposite of what we expected.  Even when we pray and intercede and want it so badly to go the way we desire nothing happens.  It’s in these times we cry out “God why?”

I remember saying to God from the very depths of my soul NO!! Please God NO!  Take me out of this it hurts so much! I still don’t fully understand the “Whys” but I understand this “Thy Will be done.”  All I know is that no matter the outcome everything is going to be alright .

The enemy will be there to taunt us with his lies of discouragement.  So where is your God now that you need him?

Here is where obedience comes into play.  Here is where you continue to pray and interceded for your needs even if you feel like nothing is going right.

2 Cor 2:9-11

9 The reason I wrote you was to see if you would stand the test and be obedient in everything. 10 If you forgive anyone, I also forgive him. And what I have forgiven — if there was anything to forgive — I have forgiven in the sight of Christ for your sake, 11 in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes. NIV

Thy kingdom come! When we are in His will we will experience His peace and assurance that all is going to be okay.  That’s heaven on earth.

When we do this we will see the full picture of what God is doing.  We still might not understand it all but things will be clear in the end.

Satan doesn’t want you to get to the point of breakthrough!!! He works hard at keeping us away from Victory but we must not pull back for one bit!!!! We wait and wait patiently for our comforter to refresh us from our trails and tribulations.  Maybe for you it’s forgiveness you need for those that have done you wrong.  Ask God to be your refuge and fortress.

 Psalm 31:4-5

New International Version (NIV)

4 Keep me free from the trap that is set for me,
for you are my refuge.
5 Into your hands I commit my spirit;
deliver me, LORD, my faithful God.

So stay obedient in prayer and don’t give into the lie that your prayers are in vain. You stay focused and on your knees till His will be done in your life.

Mrs. Barbara Casas