A good friend and sister in the Lord, just recently posted a quote on her Facebook page.  It stated, “Heaven is no trick, and Hell is no treat.  I am so glad Halloween is behind us this year.  Halloween is consider the devil’s month.  But, guess what?  Everyday we are at war with our adversary.

This morning, I was pondering on the things, we as Christian pray for.  Do we pray for souls to get saved?  Do we pray for our ministers to be covered by God’s Holy Spirit?  Do we pray for the nations of the world?

Or, could our prayers be more like, “Lord I want that new car” or, perhaps “Lord I want to be rich.”  Which of course those two are not a sin if they are prayed for with a good heart.  But, what about praying for what’s on God’s mind and heart for the world. When Jesus instructed the disciples to pray, he basely told them to keep it simply.

Matthew 6 7-13 message bible

This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need.  With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply.  Like this:

Our Father in heaven, Reveal who you are.  Set the world right; Do what’s best–as above, so below.  Keep us alive with three square meals.  Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving other.  Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.  You’re in charge!  You can do anything you want!  You’re ablaze in beauty! Yes. Yes. Yes.

l.  Reveal who you are! (Do you know God’s heart?)

2. Set the world right! (Our you praying for the world to get things right with God?)

3. Do what’s best! (Are you living your life, to get what you want or think is best for you, and what God’s thinks is best for you?)

4.  Heaven on Earth. (Do you desire to experience Heaven on earth?)

5.  Meet our daily needs. (Are you always wanting more and more things, and never satisfied?)

6.  Forgiveness towards God and others. (Are you holding grudges towards God or anyone?)

7.  Keep us safe from ourselves (love that) and others. (Yes, safe from ourselves!)

8.  God, You are in Charge and can do anything you want! (Is He?  Or are you holding on to what you want, no matter what it takes to get it?)

Twelve Things Satanist Pray (or say) for Daily

Information: The CuttingEdge.org

1. That the Anti-Christ will come before the church is ready.

2. That ministries, leaders, and missionaries will fall.

3. That ministries and works of the Lord will be destroyed.

4. That Christians become complacent, want peace above all, seek churches that do not preach the full gospel and pastors who will seek peace at all costs.

5. That Christians stop fasting and praying.

6. That Gifts of the Spirit shall be ignored.

7. That families and marriages break up.

8. That pastors, ministers, and leaders of The Body fall into dispute and turn on each other.

9. No unity of pastors and churches within cities.

10. That pastors and leaders fall into illness and disability so they can no longer carry on.

11. That the next generation will be murdered and not come into their generational destiny.`

12. That the church will not loose and equip people to come into their destiny.

They are speaking divisiveness and false unity.  Seeking to destroy faith.

The way Satanist pray, kinda makes you wonder why we go through some of the things we do.

Jezebel Spirit

Let me ask you some typical question regarding the Jezebel Spirit.

Do you feel guilty even though you know you are innocent?

Have you been attacked and don’t know why ?

Are you a victim to a controlling, strongly influential person who seem to hate you?

Perhaps you have run into a devilish “Jezebel Spirit.”

Don’t try to change or defend yourself from this type of person.  Instead pray for them to be set free from the Jezebel control over their life. And pray for yourself to be loosened from their web of deception.

Satan would love to make you a prisoner to a spirit of fear and bondage by the Jezebel spirit, through manipulation and lies.  This spirit wants to take control of your peace and joy.

The “Jezebel Spirit” is sociopathic!  It has lack of empathy; disregards the rights of others).

maniac; any  intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person when it comes to details.

It has a huge ego and wants to meet its desires and need for power.  The Jezebel spirit does this by assuming false authority by any means possible.  With this false authority, the Jezebel spirit not only fulfills its need for power, but also gets tremendous ego satisfaction as it continually maneuvers for a position of control.  Is this spirit in your church?  or are there those who possess this spirit in your church?

More Characteristic of the Jezebel

l.  They gain power by destroying others.  It is like adrenalin rush when they “win” over someone.  They manage to get in a position of authority and are difficult to get rid of.

2.  They are controlling,  manipulative, bossy.

3.  They can either be war-like in their personalities, so that they are intimidating, or so “sweet,” “perfect,” deceitful, “timid” and sneaky.  They are able to fool and recruit others to join them.  Sometimes they can be very charming and charismatic.

4.  They are critical of others, vicious to the point of bloodthirsty.

5.  They are never wrong.

6.  They recruit others in their charges against their victims.  They act to persuade recruits, and do not give up this activity until the recruits are won over.  If the potential recruits do not cooperate and buy into things, this angers them.

7.  They are narcissistic (self-important).  While they can tend to be oversensitive themselves, they have no feelings or concerns for others.  They are not sympathetic to their victims, and tend to play the role of victim themselves, in order to gain sympathy.  This way the real victim is left stranded, and opposed by others if they ask for help.

Being the center of attention really pleases them.

8.  They lie, and believe their own lie.  Avoiding the truth, or intentionally acting to withhold truth is part of this.  A false picture is presented to others.

9.  They are impulsive, fail to plan ahead,and are chaotic at times.

10.  They lack remorse after hurting someone, they justify the harm.

11.  They are consistently irresponsibility for their behavior and other areas of their lives.

12.  They are irritable, aggressive (open or subtle) and can be quick-tempered.

13.  They fail to conform to social norms.  They have their own ways.

14.  Psychological counseling will not help them since they deny what they are.

15. They claim to have religious sentimentality, but are very superficial in devotion.  Born-agian status is debatable, and unlikely, but would have to be evaluated on and individual basis.

16.  They are usually women, but can be men.

17.  They falsely accuse you, and they do NOT forgive you.

Wow, that about sums it up for now.  If, you are caught up in the web of a “Jezebel Spirit,”

pray this out loud

Father, because I submit to you and the authority that you have given me, through the blood of Jesus Christ.  I renounce any bondage or web of the Jezebel spirit upon my life and the life of my love ones.  I renounce any curses or demonic spirits that try to intimidate me with lies and manipulations.  In Jesus mighty name, I break them off me and my family and my church in Jesus Name.  I renounce the spirit of fear in Jesus Name.  Loosen the spirit of peace and freedom in my life.  Thank you Jesus for freedom that comes from you and you alone.  There is power in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Till next Time

Mrs. Barbara Casas 🙂