My name is Barbara Casas and have been married to Pastor Daniel Casas for 30 years now.  We have 4 beautiful children that are now young adults.  We have 7 grandchildren and  have a son that is a Pastor in the city of Porterville California.  I have been serving God for over 33 years and came from a life of drugs and gangs.  I came to the Lord when I just turned 20 years old so I have a burden for young people and the things they face in these evil times.

Why a blog about prayer?  Well through the years I have seen the many miracles done through prayer!! I have seen my prodigals come back to the Lord.  I have been healed many times through prayer.  I have witness first hand those that have been oppressed for many years be delivered through the power of prayer.

We as the body of Christ have to come together and pray like never before! The devil is hitting God’s people with many perils but we have the tools to win the victory over Satan.  He hates prayer with a passion.

So even more so we must come together and combat the enemy with a flood of prayers that come from people who have separated themselves for the cause of Christ.

God Bless,

Mrs. Barbara Casas